Gladstone Councilor Len Nelson Resigns

Created on Monday, 22 June 2015 15:23 | Written by Raymond Rendleman

From the Clackamas Review:
“Gladstone Councilor Len Nelson became the latest political casualty in a shakeup that has claimed City Administrator Pete Boyce and Police Chief Jim Pryde since newly elected officials were sworn in this year.

“I’m through,” Nelson told the other six members of the City Council. “Because of how the council is working right now, I’m going to resign.”

After seven years in elected office, Nelson said his main reason for resigning was the loss of Assistant City Administrator Jolene Morishita as interim city manager.

“You had a very good lady who was qualified, had been here for six years, did an excellent job, didn’t mess up on anything, and you chose to lose her in that process,” Nelson said June 9.

Initially honored by the City Council’s confidence when they appointed her to the position last month, Morishita declined to be interim city administrator during negotiations over salary and contract language. City councilors decided on June 15 to appoint municipal consultant Ross Schultz to the position. Schultz was Sherwood’s city manager from 2001 to 2008; he has since acted as an interim city manager for five other Oregon cities.

“You guys can do whatever you want,” Nelson said. “Everybody’s laughing at you. I don’t want to be part of it.”

Nelson’s daughter, Tammy Stempel, chairwoman of Gladstone’s Planning Commission, earlier in the evening had informed the council that she had been approached to launch a recall campaign against three city councilors and Mayor Dominick Jacobellis. Stempel said she was concerned that city councilors allegedly fired Boyce in order to hand-pick department heads.

While a city council sets policy, a city manager…” For full article click HERE


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