Gladstone High School Earns Bronze Award, Student Named SOLVE Steward Of The Year

  1. From Leslie Robinette:


Gladstone High was honored with a 2015 Bronze Award from U.S. News & World Report. The small school is known for its whole-child approach and wide array of course options.

The award recognizes achievement well above expectations for a student body where 41% of students are economically disadvantaged, 25% are disadvantaged minorities, 13% have disabilities, and 7% are English learners. Gladstone High students exceeded the state average across the board in math, science, reading, and writing.

In addition, Gladstone High has a strong record of disadvantaged students who meet or exceed state standards. The school’s graduation rate is 15% above the state average overall, with 95% of Latino students and 86% of low-income students graduating on time.

Gladstone High students received a high rating on college preparedness, measured by participation and achievement on Advanced Placement exams. The school offers dozens of college credit options, including dual-credit courses through OIT and CCC, as well as CCC courses taught on the high school campus. 



Micala Delepierre, a senior at Gladstone High School, was named SOLVE’s Steward of the Year for her work bringing Oregonians together to improve the environment. 

“We at SOLVE are beyond inspired by Micala’s initiative,” said Maureen Fisher of SOLVE. “We are excited to see the legacy she will build upon and the people she will inspire.”

Delepierre has been involved with her school’s Green Team through two different classes. She has been a presenter at two SOLVE student summits, attended three SOLVE Women in Science events, shadowed three women working in environmental fields, and attended multiple restoration events. Next fall, she plans to major in Environmental Science at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Gladstone High’s Green Team has focused their work this year on a bioengineering and restoration project at Dahl Beach in Meldrum Bar Park on the Clackamas River. Under the leadership of science teacher Kevin Zerzan, they hosted this week’s Eastside Green Team Summit, with attendees from six local schools. Presenters at the event included Delepierre, as well as GHS students Carl Stephens, Sarah Jane Laur, and Angeles Valenzuela.



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