River Intake Pump (RIPS), W. Exeter, Jensen Road

River Intake Pump Station (RIPS) – stone veneer complete, pumps are running
With the three-month commissioning period underway for the new pumps, construction activities are fairly quiet at the site.
In summer, the existing intake will be demolished. Once this is complete, the area will be landscaped.
W. Exeter Street – pipe installation progressing well
Crews are currently installing pipe on W. Exeter Street, near Barton Avenue (pictured left). Pipe installation to the end of W. Exeter Street is expected to be complete in  mid-May. W. Exeter Street, between Barton and Beatrice Avenues, is closed to through traffic during work hours. Equipment and materials are stored and parked in the right-of-way along Exeter Street. Key information:
  • During work hours, there will be no on-street parking in the one-block closure zone.
  • For safety, residents located in the closed work zone, who usually park along the street during the day, will need to park elsewhere on side streets.
  • Neighbors may notice an increase in noise and truck traffic during construction.
Jensen Road Pathway – pipe installation to begin soon
Once crews are finished laying pipe on W. Exeter Street, they will move over to the Jensen Road pathway and install pipe from the ballfield parking lot to the end of Jensen Road, near River Road. Work along the pathway will be done during the day, from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. Neighbors can expect to see and hear excavators, loaders, pipe, steel plates, gravel and dump trucks. To maintain safety, the pathway will remain closed during construction.

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